• Inventions for Bassoon. 2009, 8’, for solo bassoon.

  • Bare feet, breath and bare hands. Multimedia, 2009, 12’ for bass clarinet and video. Also performed during the Geneco Filmweekend ’11 in Cinema Zevenskoop in Den Helder in the Netherlands with a sound recording of the bass clarinet edited in the video.

  • Clouds of sound I, 47 bells in open sky. 2010, 9.20’. Published in the Carillon Album ’11, performed by Klaas de Haan during the Carillon Summer Concerts ’11, in the Cunera tower of Rhenen, the Johanneskerk in Laren, the Church of Our Lady in Maastricht, the Hilversum Town Hall.

  • Clouds of sound II. 2011, 8’ for toypiano, dedicated to Nora Mulder:  SMART Project.

  • LOVEAFTERLOVE Harpsichord, 5’.

Percusion /piano

  • Eb en vloed, 2001, 2’ for piano and tubular bells. Total seriality.


  • Imaginary City. 2010, 8.20′ for the Fokker organ (31-tones in octave) and Erhu (Chinese violin). During the week of the Chinese Opera in the BAM Hall of the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam, Chinese temperatures, Chinese and Dutch music on the erhu and Fokker’ organ. Fang Weiling, erhu and Ere Lievonen, Fokker organ.

Two recorders

  • Ebb flow ebb. 2011, 7’, duo for F basset recorders. Execution art center of Bergen NH.


  • Seven Haikus. 2011, 17’ for piano and guitar. Dedicated to Anne and Robert Bekkers.
  • We grow accustomed to the dark. 2001, 6’ Poetry by Emily Dickinson,  for soprano and piano. Performed during the COM concert, COM home 2001, in collaboration with Riek Westerhof in Under the stars.
  • Stroomt water. 2001, 1’ for soprano and piano. Poet unknown. Bound atonality.
  • Love After Love. 2002, 7’ for soprano and piano.
  • De bereidster van lucht, 2004, 3’ for bariton and piano. Poetry of  Henk van der Waal.
  • L’intenzione cordiale. 2007, 10’ Arranged for: Vocals Joke Kegel and prepared piano Ere Lievonen. Premiere in the Karnaticlab ’08; The Oude Kerk during the art exhibition AIR 4 en in the Bethaniënklooster during the multimedia project Alternative faces. 2009.
  • Love after Love 2019, 7’ (Poetry Derek Walcott) Piano and soprano.
  • We grow accustomed to the dark 2019, 5’ (Poetry Emily Dickenson) piano and soprano 2019.
  • Waar het begint and Op de tocht from the book: Rennen naar het Einde van Honger (2020). Kleine droom and Zeergeleerde tuin from ‘Hier is de tijd.’(1998) four poems of Esther Jansma voor piano en sopraan.
  • Flow water for soprano and piano. Dedicated to the soprano Donna Lennard and pianist Gavin Roberts. World premiere on July 21 2021, St Marylebone Parish Church in London. The program focuses on the effects on climate change and rising sea levels.
  • Different Perspectives soprano and piano, poetry Derek Walcott. 7’. 2022.
  • Imagine we are sea weeds soprano and piano. Poetry Joke Kegel. 3′, 2022.
  • Flow and Glow soprano, piano and stone percussion. 6′, 2022.
  • Endings en Love After Love. 1999, 7’ Poetry by Derek Walcott, for soprano and clarinet. Performed during the COM concert of the Composers of Original Music.
    The Superfluous Sunday Afternoon 9, at ‘The Ben Sudderbout show in 1999.

  • Na de troebelen der Duitse bezetting,Lentegedicht,April ’45. 2000, 4′ for soprano and Bbclarinet. Freedom text by Godfried Bomans with an unfinished composition. New  ones completed compositions during the superfluous Sunday afternoon 10. The Godfried Bomans Orde.

  • Love After Love. 2000, 8′ for speaking voice electric piano and percussion and Gomé drum solo, performed during the Com concert: The COM feeling 1, Fundamentals.

  • Licht vleugeligheid. 2001, 2’ for soprano and tenor, poetry by Simon Knepper. Bitonality.

  • Kastanjebruine anemonen, in je stugge tuin, 2001, 1.5’ for soprano and bass voice. Poetry by Carlos Drummond de Andrade. Variations on a 12-tone string.

  • Love after Love. 2002, 7.30’ for flute, soprano and solkattu (spoken rhythm). Karnatic Lab ’03.

  • Thakagenesis. 2005, 8′ trio for syllabic vocals, recorder, alto saxophone and bamboo percussion. 2005 Premiere in the Oude Kerk in A’dam during AIR 1, contemporary art exhibition.

  • L’Intenzione cordiale. 2007, 10’ poetry Cesare Pavese. Bassoon, soprano and marimba, octotoms, cowbells and wood blocks. Premiere in the Juke Ellingtonzaal, CvA and in the Oude Kerk.

  • You, wind of March. 2009, 7’en 9’ arranged for piano trio. The work received an honorable entry for the Sylvia Glickmanprize 2009 from the IAWM in the USA.

  • Air. 2009, 8’ for Trio aXolot, Bas-Peatzoldrecorders in c en F, tenorrecorder with spoken tekst of poetry of Morgenstein.
    The Sea for piano, violin and horn. 8’. 2021.

  • Love After Love. 2001, 7’ for a-capella choir S.A.T.B.

  • Stroomt water, 2005, 6′ a cappella choral work, SATB, fragments with grinding and ricocheting stones. Poet is unknown. First Prize Composition Competition IKF 05. Published by Donemus in Dutch and English Flow water. Premiere Korenfestival IKF 05 by Kamerkoor Nieuwe Muziek

  • Vibrant Sky for three-voice women’s choir 2020. Music and text Joke Kegel 2020.

  •  Intens, 2001, 1’,  three tubular bells, or ob., fln. and vlc. Mode de valeur et d’intensites, seriality.

  • La piccola fata del flauto. 2002, 12’  soprano with text by Elena Carobbio and ensemble (midi sound recording): alto flute, oboe, bassoon, harp, tubular bells, marimba. Free form with theatricality. Performance in the Music Institute of Edgard Vreuls.

  • Who is counting on a pure symmetric triad within a perfect fourth? 2003, 10.10’. Ensemble with microtonality: flute, bass clarinet, bassoon, Bb trumpet, soprano saxophone, percussion. 2004 Premiere in the Blauwe Zaal CvA.

  • Incorporea 2006, 30’, Percussion, Bb clarinet, guitar, viola and the soprano voice (La luna, poetry by Derek Walcott) The dancer enters into a dialogue with the images. Video fragment of slow flying pigeons.

  • You, wind of March , in 3 parts. 2008, 30′ for ensemble and 6 solo singers. Arranged for trio in 2 movements, 7′ and 9′ for horn, alto clarinet and piano and for piano trio.

  • Inventions for percussionquartet and celesta. 2008, 12.10’

  • Nine inventions for the New Ensemble. 2009, 10’ Oboe, Bb clarinet, 4 timpani and minor percussion: 3 cymbals, 2 bongos, 1 gonga, 2 maracas, 6 woodblocks; mandolin, guitar, celesta and string trio. Works 28 and 29 were the starting point for the symphony orchestra for two ensemble. See Ten Movements within Six.

  • Ten Movements within Six. 2009-2010, 14’. Orchestra. Ensemble 1: Piano soloist and percussion quartet; Ensemble 2: Strings, brass and woodwinds.

  • Sedimentations of my thoughts, 2020 work in progress approx. 14′, Solo instrument (viola, organ or wind instrument) and percussion (marimba with metal bars and woodblocks), wind ensemble with or without string trio.

  • Vibrant landing  2020, 4’ For the Riccotti ensemble.

  • Kaleidoscope  for reed quintet. To be found on ‘World Wide Reed Quintet Network’.

  • WICOAPSTWAPF Arrangement of: Who is counting on a pure symmetric triad within a perfect fourth’ written in 2003. Order of the Fokker Huygens Foundation for the Ensemble Scala. Concert ‘Distorted Reallity’ sunday september 18th 2022 in the Bamzaal of the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam. Billy Alves, Giacinto Scelsi, Joke Kegel.